Bill Borman and Richard Thomas: founders, Piggy Kitchen

It all started on a hot, muggy day in July 1999, on our first trip to the celebrated Paris Flea Market, or Marché au Puces de St-Ouen.  There they were -- a graduated set of five vintage copper saucepans.  

A short negotiation and the exchange of some Francs and they were ours.  The pans needed work, but the thrill of that first "find" sustained us.  Sustained us as we carried them for the remainder of our trip, and then forced them into the overhead luggage compartment on the flight home.

Those first pans became the gateway to a world of vintage French cookware.  On trips through France over the next twenty years, saucepans begat sauté pans, stockpots and lids.  Then copper begat porcelain, glassware, and linens.  And with the help of cooking classes in Brittany and a bit of experimenting at home, our adventure of cooking and dining à La Française became more than just a collection of pretty objects and intractable recipes, but rather a way of living.

Piggy Kitchen is our love letter to the journey.  Our offering of curated vintage tabletop, beautiful cookware, and French-inspired pantry items is an unapologetic celebration of all that a life of gathering and cooking has to offer.

Chicago, Illinois