Re-tinning Services

Piggy Kitchen is proud to announce the addition of re-tinning and polishing services.

Copper cookware is an investment, and needs a resurfacing of tin after extensive use.  Rule of thumb:  If you can see exposed copper or even verdigris (green copper oxide) on the tin surface, its time for a refresh.  We also recommend re-tinning antique pieces that retain their original lining, as it may contain lead or other dangerous impurities.

We use only food-grade elemental Tin (99.9999%), and a technique called a "French Wipe", which leaves visible wipe marks in the generously applied new surface. 

Finally, a high polish to the copper brings those beauties back to their former glory.

Our pricing for re-tinning and re-polishing is as follows:  Measure down one side of the piece, across the longest diameter (in cases of oval pans), and up the following side.  Multiply the total measurement by $8.00.

For the sauté pan above:  4" + 12" + 4" = 20" x $8.00 = $160.

Shipping is not included.

Contact us for more information or to schedule your pieces!